Wednesday, 15 June 2016

iZKA® CE approved, ROHS Compliant Certification Sync Data Cable

Compatible With:

Mio A201

Mio A501

Mio A701

Mio A702

Mio C210

Mio C220

Mio C230

Mio C250

Mio C320

Mio C320b

Mio C510

Mio C510E

Mio C520

Mio C520t

Mio C620

Mio C710

Mio C728

Mio H610

Mio DigiWalker 168

Mio DigiWalker 268

Mio DigiWalker 268plus

Mio DigiWalker 269

Mio DigiWalker 269plus

Mio DigiWalker 336

Mio DigiWalker 336BT

Mio DigiWalker 336g

Mio DigiWalker 336i

Mio DigiWalker 339

Mio DigiWalker 558

Mio DigiWalker 8390

Mio DigiWalker 8870

Mio Moov 150

Mio Moov 200

Mio Moov 210

Mio Moov 310

Mio Moov 330

Mio Moov 360

Mio Moov 370

Mio Moov 500

Mio Moov 510

Mio Moov 560

Mio Moov 580

Mio Moov M30

Mio Moov M300

Mio Moov M305

Mio Moov M350

Mio Moov M400

Mio Moov M405

Mio Moov M420

Mio Moov M450

Mio Moov Skoda

Mio Moov Spirit 300 Traffic (S305)

Mio Moov Spirit 500 HF Traffic (S555)

Mio Moov Spirit 500 Traffic (S505)

Mio Moov Spirit Flat (S568)

Mio Moov Spirit V505 TV

Mio Moov Spirit V735 TV

Mio Navman 370

Mio Navman 378

Mio Navman 470

Mio Navman 474

Mio Navman 475

Mio Navman 478

Mio Navman 479

Mio Navman 575

Mio Navman 579

Mio Navman M448

Mio P350

Mio P360

Mio P550

Mio P560

Spirit Series

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